Phenomena 1: The Prophecy's Chosen Ones

Ruben Eliassen

Foreign Sales:

Bazar/SWE, Bazar/FIN, Bazar/DK, ConTatto/ITA

A bumper narrative for readers who enjoy pure fantasy and plenty of action. It has elves, winter bears, wizards, trolls and a plethora of other creatures – both bad and good.

There is an ancient prophecy that says that two elfin children will rid the world of the threat of evil forces. And it gradually dawns on two young elves, Alk and Ilke, that this is all linked to their own destiny. So, each employing his own talents and backed up by trusty friends like the wizard Sha-ra and the winter bear Arol, they set out to fight evil. In a world brimful of imagination and excitement.

Norwegian Title: Phenomena 1: Profetiens utvalgte

Fantasy, 2002, 208 pages, Gyldendal

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