Ruben Eliassen (1968)

Foreign Sales

Bazar/DK, Bazar/SWE, Bazar/FIN, ConTatto/ITA

Latest publication

Eliassen's latest publication is Phenomena 4: Exodus (2006).


Ruben Eliassen is an illustrator, designer and children's books author who has made an exceptional success in Norway with his fantasy series Phenomena. It won the Ministry of Culture's New Authors Prize and the Children's Own Book Prize in 2002. It also won the hearts of many young readers because of the author's generous offer of tempo and drama.

Ruben Eliassen's books have now sold more than 80.000 copies in Norway.

Bibliography and foreign sales:

Phenomena 4: Utfrielsen (Phenomena 4: Exodus), Fantasy 2006.

Phenomena 3: Det tapte hjertet (Phenomena 3: The Lost Heart), Fantasy 2004.

Phenomena 2: Parados' Øye (Phenomena 2: Parados' Eye), Fantasy 2003. FS: Bazar/SWE, Bazar/FIN, Bazar/DK

Phenomena 1: Profetiens utvalgte (Phenomena 1: The Prophecy's Chosen Ones), Fantasy 2002. FS: Bazar/SWE, Bazar/FIN, Bazar/DK, ConTatto/ITA

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